About Fairwind Trading

Fairwind Trading Investment is a London based and globally focused general trade solutions and consulting company that searches out the best solution for each individual Customer. We look for the energy, construction, mental, electronics and food solutions that allow each of our Customers to effectively and efficiently use these services to maximize profits (by minimizing costs) and enhance their competitive positions. We assess your unique needs through a very comprehensive global assessment/audit process that looks at every driver of global consumption and then tailors a solution specific to your unique needs and/or goals. It is our aim to form lasting relationships that will not just solve your current needs, but that will continue looking for ways to adjust and improve the energy solutions that will keep you moving wisely into the future.

As an independent general trade consulting and solution firm and to maintain our trusted partner status with our Customers, we are technology agnostic. As such, we keep our eyes on emerging technologies while at the same time looking to existing and proven solutions to provide the best and most cost-effective solution to your energy requirements. In addition, this independence ensures that we are not coming to you looking to sell a particular technology but are in fact looking out for your best interest. We simply find the best cost-effective solutions in the context of your unique situation.

Our Values.

We want you to expand your portfolio by using a well-structured, professional decision-making process. This will enhance your investment and influence across the nation.

We value our clients

We help your business grow

We are creative and innovative