We are a leading independent distributor of construction materials – selling product lines to building merchants, specialist contractors.

Metals and Aluminium

We are major distributors of metals and aluminium with high industrial standard both new and used to meet your needs.

New or Used Refineries

Part of the services we offer as well as our expertise in construction is good deals on new or used refineries.

Who we are

Fairwind Trading company is a leading distributor of manufacturing, produce and electronic products across the country and worldwide.
We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products we sell. We are sellers of complete industrial products, to manufacturing products which includes parts of manufacturing plants and refineries.
We also sell produce which includes large quanties of bags or rice, beans, wheat and many more.

Some of our products we distrubute are communications e.g Mobile Phones, computers, laptops, iPods and iPads tablets.
We also distribute large quantities of Alcoholic products such as wine, brandy, spirits, whisky and many more.

Some of our services…
• We distrubutes cereals and wheat which includes rice, beans in any quantities you want.

• We distrubute electronic items which includes laptops, ipads, ipods, mobile phones and more.
• We have deals on new or complete refineries, manufacturing plants as well.

* Transportation infrastructure (including port facilities, railways, airports and toll roads)

* Water treatment and desalination projects
How to Proceed: Please submit an executive summary and its past 3 year financial statements along with a brief description of the loan request and use of funds. Upon approval, a complete and detailed business plan and additional documentation will be requested.